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The last five ancestors added to the website:
- Great x 11 grandmother
c. 1557- ?
John Mortimore
- Great x 11 grandfather
c. 1553- c. 1580
- Great x 10 grandmother
c. 1580- ?
William Mortimore
- Great x 10 grandfather
c. 1579- Sep. 9, 1626
Baron Wem William Pantulf
- Great x 27 grandfather
c. 1060- Apr 16, 1112
The House family is an ancient clan descended from a long line of noble European and Mediterranean families. Figuring heavily into Western history, the House family and its ancestors claim roles in many of the events that have shaped our world for more than 33 centuries. From ancient ancestors such as Pharoah of Egypt, Ramesses I and King of Persia Achaimenes to those in more recent times such as King of Scotland, David I and King of England, William I "the Conqueror", the House family ancestors have wreaked havoc, created beauty, destroyed nations, and built worlds.

Not all House ancestors have been so notorious nor had such an impact on the world, but each has contributed his or her knowledge, experience, and blood to the current generations of Houses giving this family its rich traditions, its proud history, and its promising future.

Brice Warren Hacker
& Charlotte "Lottie" May Marcum

Rowan Thayer
& Lilla Alene Bridges
Much of the information that we have about the most recent ancestors of the House family comes from family stories, pictures, and books. Older information can be verified in history books and government archives. The data from the present until about the mid 1500's is quite reliable and is considered accurate. From the 1500's until the 10th or 11th centuries, the sources are still quite reliable, but their accuracy might not be as precise. From the 10th century until the 5th or 6th century, the data becomes more speculative and much of it lacks verifiable sources. Data earlier than the 5th century, while presumed accurate, mostly lacks verification.

Many pictures of House ancestors have been included here, whether photographs or paintings. Sometimes notable castles or other buildings are included as well. The hope is that these pictures and the descriptions that have been included will help to honor the contributions of the House family and bring these people to life in your mind.

Connections to the Royal Houses of Europe

The origin and his family are related to every royal house of Europe. While none of the current monarchs are direct ancestors, they are all cousins of various degrees. The origin and all European royals of today share multiple common ancestors. There are many included on this site, but here are a few of the modern monarchs you'll find, along with their connection to the origin.
Some of the Most Recent Monarchs in the House Family Tree

As mentioned previously, the House family is related to all of the Kings and Queens of Europe, the British Isles, parts of western Asia, and northern Africa - more than 1,000 monarchs are in the family tree. Almost 100 of those are from the British Isle countries of England/Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, etc. - the largest single group. France comes in a close second. Here's a list of just a few of the monarchs found closest in the origin's family tree.
Some of the Most Recent Nobles in the House Family Tree
  • Earl Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley-Cooper - 11 generations from the origin. This ancestor is the most recent titled noble found in the House family. He was a prominent politician during the reign of King of England, Charles II. He is on the House side of the family. Interestingly, he was part of the commission which found an ancestor on the Hacker side -- Colonel Francis Hacker -- guilty of regicide of King Charles I of England.
  • Baronet of Rockbourne, John Cooper - 12 generations from the origin
  • Baron Coventry, Thomas Coventry - 12 generations from the origin
  • Baronet of Wimbourne, Anthony Ashley - 13 generations from the origin. This ancestor was Secretary-at-War during the reign of Queen of England, Elizabeth I.
  • Earl Sussex, Henry Radcliffe - 14 generations from the origin. This ancestor was a cousin to Queen of England, Elizabeth I. Read a letter from her to him on his page.
  • Duke of Norfolk, Thomas Howard - 16 generations from the origin. This ancestor was grandfather to Anne Boleyn, a wife of King of England, Henry VIII, and great grandfather to Queen of England, Elizabeth I.
  • Duke of Buckingham, Edward Stafford - 16 generations from the origin. This ancestor was first cousin to Queen consort of England, Elizabeth of York (wife of King Henry VII), and was Lord High Steward at the coronation of King Henry VIII.
Some Notable Figures in the Ancient House Family Tree
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