Deus Existo Domus

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Author/Compiler: John M. House - email:

The coat of arms shown here and on each page is that of this website's author. The motto "Deus Exsisto Domus" is Latin and translates loosely to "God springs forth from the House". The shield is divided party per saltire. The Japanese figure in the top field of the shield means "prosperity"; the space craft on the left of the shield represents "massive achievement"; the DNA strand on the right of the shield represents "longevity"; the heart in the bottom field of the shield represents "love". Together, these form the foundation of the coat of arms: Prosperity, Massive Achievement, Longevity, and Love. The white roses across the compartment are, fittingly, prosperity roses. The supporters are the dog and the horse; the dog representing loyalty, trust, and tenacity, and the horse representing strength, nobility, and stature. In the crest there is a bear which represents ferocity, gentleness, and strength.

The coat of arms is individual to the person. It was developed by John M. House, and is his personal trademark. It is NOT to be copied or used by anyone other than the author.
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