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If you viewed the slide show, then you know that the future is very uncertain The House Empire is dedicated to helping you not only to survive, but to thrive during the coming crisis. Are you ready for peak oil and peak everything else? How about global warming? Can you handle over population? All of these challenges are looming large on the world's horizon, and each will alter drastically if not completely end the industrial economy and the Western way of life. Few understand the significance. Fewer still know how to prepare.

That's what the House Empire is all about. Using industrial age methods and technology while we can, we're helping you and people just like you prepare for the future by learning how we did things before we had the benefits of cheap oil. By showing you how to to grow your own food, care for your own health, and helping you join a community of like-minded people on whom you can rely when needed, the House Empire is helping you equip yourself for the future.

Anyone who wants it can find a place in the House Empire. If you want to escape the crazy rat-race of the modern world and live simply off the land, then there's a place for you in the House Empire. If you're not quite ready to leave the comforts of the modern world, but want to support our efforts by earning a noble title in the empire, then there's a place for you in the House Empire. If you just want to make a financial contribution to help support those trying to make a difference, then there's a place for you in the House Empire.

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Why is the organization called "The House Empire"? When looking back over the centuries, the founder, John House, MD, is awed and humbled at the great achievements of his ancestors. They proved themselves in battle, survived plagues, overcame enormous obstacles, and still found time to love one another and enjoy life - all of this without the benefit of the modern industrial society. In honor of their great achievements and sacrifices, as well as an acknowledgement of what the human race is about to endure, this endeavor is named for the House family and its many ancestors. The determination, courage, values, and stubborn defiance that allowed these men and women to rule nations and vast empires, will be required once again to survive the coming catastrophy. The connection this gives with the past is strong and valuable; a treasure greater than gold which shines a clear light on the path to the future.
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