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Rowan Bridges Thayer
3 generations from the origin. Great grandfather.

Birth: 1845, Kentucky, USA;
Death: Jun 15, 1930; Boyle, Mississippi, USA; See note for this.
Age: 85
Occupation: Banker

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  • Deputy Sheriff, Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, USA - Dates: c. 1870


After the death of his first wife (Lilla Allene), Rowan married an "old maid" school teacher so the children would have a mother. (per John Adair House.) The middle name that's been given here is not confirmed. It was common at that time for a son to be given his mother's maiden name as a second name. It is not completely certain that his middle name started with a "B" other than as indicated in the information listed below. His death certificate doesn't list a middle name. (Citation #176)

On the back of the old photograph of Rowan and his wife Lilla (shown on this page), is written the following: "On June 15, 1930, at 9 pm (Sunday, Dad's day), my dearest Dad rejoined his beloved wife Lilla Collier, in the better land after a short illness of only two weeks duration here in my home in Cleveland. He died at my sister's home in Boyle [Mississippi], having returned there on Friday the 13th. He had heart trouble. He was 85 years old." According to John Adair House, his mother Rowena, Rowen's daughter, wrote that passage.

The last will and testament of Eli Staton of Tallahatchie county, Mississippi was witnessed by a Rowan Thayer in 1874. This date and location are consistent with Rowan Thayer's situation. Here's a link to the will:

On the Tallahatchie County, Mississippi MSGenWeb Project, an R. B. Thayer is listed as being married to a Lilla Collies (transcription error from Collier?) on Sept. 7, 1884. The information comes from the county records from Charleston, District I, of that time period. The date and location are consistent with the first marriage of Rowan Thayer, so it's included in this information. However, the information should still be considered with some suspicion. Here's a link to the website:

John Adair House reports that Rowan's second wife may have had the maiden name of "Bridges". However, according to Rowan's birth certificate (see citation #175) his mother's maiden name was Bridges, so, while certainly not impossible, it's unlikely that his second wife also had that name unless he married a relative of his first wife. His daughter's mother-in-law is named Perkins. The Perkins and the Bridges have a long history through the years. They all hail from Rowan county, North Carolina. It's possible that his mother might have wanted to name her son after her former home. --jmh

Children of Rowan and Lilla Allene:
  1. Rowena
  2. Norton
  3. Annabelle - She was called Aunt Tee. She had four children
  4. Henry

According to the 1870 US Federal Census for Tallahatchie County, MS, Rowan was a deputy sheriff.

According to the 1860 US Federal Census for Boyle County, Kentucky, Rowan was 15 years old and worked as a "clerk". He lived with a large family with M. N. Thayer a 45 year old female listed. This was presumably his mother, however, it doesn't agree with the birth date included for her here. Interestingly, there was no male listed on the census old enough to be his father, yet, according to the records listed here, his father died 10 years after this census.


176 - Standard Certificate of Death, Mississippi State Board of Health, filed July 1, 1930. On file in the personal records of John M. House.
306 - Mississippi Marriages, 1776-1935
176 - Standard Certificate of Death, Mississippi State Board of Health, filed July 1, 1930. On file in the personal records of John M. House.


See the Family Tree

Dr. John Holbrooke Thayer
Feb. 14, 1801 - Nov 1870
Marion Wallace Bridges
1814 - 1868
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: Sep 7, 1874, Place: Tallahatchie, County, Mississippi, Status: Marriage, Note: The 1880 US Federal Census indicates that he was married at the time of the census and already had a 5 year old son.
Lilla Alene Collier
1852 - c. 1886
Rowena Thayer
May 14, 1885 - Nov 30, 1955
Norton Thayer
1877 -
Annabelle Thayer
Henry Marlin Thayer
1875 - c. 1935
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