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Queen of Egypt Cleopatra Syra I
68 generations from the origin. This person is my great x 66 grandmother.
Birth: 215 bce, ;
Death: 176 bce; ;
Age: 39

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  • Queen of Egypt


Cleopatra I Syra ( Greek: Κλεοπάτρα Σύρα, c. 215-176 BC) was a queen of Ptolemaic Egypt, the daughter of Antiochus III and Laodice. She married Ptolemy V in 193 BCE. They had two sons and a daughter, Ptolemy VI of Egypt, Cleopatra II of Egypt, and Ptolemy VIII of Egypt. In 187 BC, she was appointed Vizier. When her husband died in 180 BCE, she ruled on behalf of her son Ptolemy VI until her death.

Note: Cleopatra VII was the Cleopatra about whom all the movies and stories fictionalize and who was the lover of Marc Antony.

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King of the Seleucid Empire Antiochus III
241 bce - 187 bce
Queen Laodice
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: 193 bce, Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
Ptolemy Epiphanes V
209 bce - 181 bce
This person is my great x 65 grandmother
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