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Duke of Normandy Robert I
28 generations from the origin. Great x 26 grandfather.

Birth: c. 1000, Normandie, France;
Death: Jul 3, 1035; Nicaea;
Age: 35

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  • Duke of Normandy - Dates: 1028-1035


Robert, called "The Magnificent" (French, "le Magnifique") for his love of finery, and also called "The Devil" was the son of Duke Richard II of Normandy and Judith, daughter of Conan I, Duke of Brittany.

When his father died, his elder brother Richard succeeded, whilst he became Count of HiƩmois. When Richard died a year later, there were great suspicions that Robert had Richard murdered, hence his other nickname, "Robert le diable" (the devil). He is often mis-identified with the legendary Robert the Devil. Robert aided King Henry I of France against Henry's rebellious brother and mother, and for his help he was given the territory of the Vexin. He also intervened in the affairs of Flanders, supported Edward the Confessor, who was then in exile at Robert's court, and sponsored monastic reform in Normandy.

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Duke of Normandy Richard II
Aug 23, 966 - 1027
Princess of Brittany Judith
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: 1023, Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
Herleve de Falaise
c. 1003 - c. 1050
Princess Adelaide of Normandy
Great x 25 grandmother
c. 1026 - c. 1090
King of England William I
Great x 25 grandfather
Oct 14, 1024 - Sep 9, 1087
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