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King of England Henry I
27 generations from the origin. Great x 25 grandfather.

Birth: Feb 21, 1068, Selby, Yorkshire, England;
Death: Jan 12, 1135; ;
Age: 67

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  • King of England - Dates: 1100-1135


Henry I of England (c.1068 -- 1 December 1135), called Henry Beauclerc because of his scholarly interests, was the fourth son of William the Conqueror. He reigned as King of England from 1100 to 1135, succeeding his brother, William II Rufus. Henry also was known by the nickname "Lion of Justice" due to the refinements which he brought about in the rudimentary administrative and legislative machinery of the time.

He seized power after the death of William II, which occurred (conveniently) during the absence of his older brother Robert Curthose on the Crusades.

His reign is noted for its political opportunism, the aforementioned improvements in the machinery of government, the integration of the divided Anglo-Saxon and Normans within his kingdom, his reuniting of his father's dominions, and his controversial decision to name his daughter as his heir.

[Interesting aside here; William Rufus, Henry's older brother, was King of England from 1087 until 1100. says of him "William himself seems to have been a flamboyant character, and his reign was marked by his bellicose temperament. He never married or had illegitimate children; William's favourite was Ranulf Flambard, whom he appointed Bishop of Durham in 1099, an appointment based on political requirements, for a see that was at the same time a great feudal fief. William was roundly denounced in his time and after his death for his sodomitical ways."]

--- end wiki quote --

Queen Edith, is not the mother of Robert, rather, he's an illegitimate son of Henry.

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King of England William I
Oct 14, 1024 - Sep 9, 1087
Queen Consort of England Matilda of Flanders
1032 - Nov 2, 1083
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: Nov. 11, 1100, Place: Westminster Abbey, Status: Marriage, Note:
Queen of England, Edith of Scotland
c 1080 - May 1, 1118
Lady Sybil Corbet
1077 - c. 1156
Earl Gloucester Robert
Great x 24 grandfather
1090 - Oct. 31, 1147
Empress of the Holy Roman Empire Matilda
Great x 24 grandmother
Feb 1101 - Sept 10, 1167
Earl Cornwall Reginald FitzRoy Prince of England
Great x 26 grandfather
c. 1100 - July 1, 1175
Princess of England Constance FitzRoy
Great x 24 grandmother
c. 1140 -
Queen of Galloway Matilda ?
Great x 26 grandmother
c. 1080 -
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