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Princess Adela Countess of Blois
28 generations from the origin. Great x 26 grandmother.
Birth: c. 1062, France;
Death: March 8, 1137; England?;
Age: 75
Occupation: Countess of Blois, Chartres, and Meaux

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  • Princess of England
  • Countess of Blois
  • Countess of Chartres
  • Countess of Meaux


Adela of Normandy also known as Adela of Blois and Adela of England (c. 1062 or 1067 – March 8, 1137?) was by marriage countess of Blois, Chartres, and Meaux. She was a daughter of William the Conqueror and Matilda of Flanders. She was also the mother of both Stephen, King of England and Henry of Blois, Bishop of Winchester.

Her birthdate is generally believed to have been between 1060 and 1064; however, there is some evidence she was born after her father's accession to the English throne in 1066. She was the favorite sister of King Henry I of England; they were probably the youngest of the Conqueror's children. She was a high-spirited and educated woman, with a knowledge of Latin.

She married Stephen Henry, son and heir to the count of Blois, sometime between 1080 and 1084, probably in 1083. Stephen inherited Blois, Chartres and Meaux in 1089, and owned over 300 properties, making him one of the wealthiest men of his day. He was a proud and self-indulgent man, who had no intention of taking the cross until Adela insisted upon it. Stephen reluctantly left to join the First Crusade, along with his brother-in-law Robert Curthose. He was accused of cowardice on the battlefield and was sent back on a foray to Ramelah in 1102 where he died in an ill fated attack. This entire scenario is very controversial and is currently under scrutiny by several scholars including Hank Harrison and is reported on in his book The Grail in the Stars, covering the life of Adela's youngest child, Henry of Blois, Bishop of Winchester.

Adela and Stephen's children listed here as follows, birth order not certain:
  • Guillaume (William)(d. 1150), Count of Chartres married Agnes of Sulli (d. aft 1104) and had issue.
  • Theobald II of Champagne
  • Odo of Blois, died young.
  • Stephen of Blois - later King of England
  • Lucia-Mahaut, married Richard d'Avranches, 2nd Earl of Chester. Both drowned on 25 November 1120.
  • Agnes of Blois, married Hugh III of Le Puiset
  • Eléonore of Blois (d. 1147) married Raoul I of Vermandois (d.1152) & had issue they were divorced in 1142.
  • Alix of Blois (d. 1145) married Renaud (d.1134) III of Joigni & had Issue
  • Lithuise of Blois (d. 1118) married Milo I of Montlhéry(Divorced 1115) Henry of Blois
  • Humbert died young.
  • Philip (d. 1100) Bishop of Chalons

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King of England William I
Oct 14, 1024 - Sep 9, 1087
Queen Consort of England Matilda of Flanders
1032 - Nov 2, 1083
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: c. 1083, Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
Count of Blois Stephen Henry II
c. 1045 - May 19, 1102
Countess Chester Matilda
Great x 26 grandmother
c 1090 - 1120
Count of Champagne Theobald II
Great x 25 grandfather
1090 - 1151
King of England Stephen of Blois
Great x 25 grandfather
c. 1096 - Oct 25, 1154
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