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King of Castile Pedro I "the Cruel"
21 generations from the origin. Great x 19 grandfather.

Birth: Aug 30, 1334, Burgos, Spain;
Death: Mar 23, 1369; ;
Age: 35

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  • King of Castile - Dates: 1350-1369


Pedro (or Peter; August 30, 1334 – March 23, 1369), sometimes known as Pedro the Cruel (Pedro el Cruel) or Pedro the Lawful, was the king of Castile from 1350 to 1369. He was the son of Alfonso XI and Maria of Portugal, daughter of Alphonso IV of Portugal. He was the last ruler of the main branch of the House of Burgundy.

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Froissart gives an account of the battle of Montiel in which Pedro was defeated by his illigitmate brother, Henry and his French allies. After the battle Pedro first fled to a nearby castle, but there were insufficient supplies to withstand a siege, so he attempted to sneak out of the castle in the night. He was captured by a Frenchman, BËgue de Villaines, and Pedro agreed to go with him on condition that BËgue not reveal his location to Henry. BËgue agreed to this and took Pedro to his lodgings, but in spite of his promise immediately sent word to Henry.

Alternatively, Spanish historians of the time claim that the betrayer was Bertrand du Guesclin.

The following is what followed in the Penguin translation of Froissart:
"He had not been there an hour when King Henry and the Viscount of Rocaberti, with a small company of their men, arrived at the same quarters and entered the room where King Pedro was. As he came in he said: "Where's that Jewish son of a whore who calls himself King of Castile?" Then King Pedro stepped forward, that bold and bloody man, and said: "You're the son of a whore. I am the son of good King Alfonso." With these words he seized his brother in his arms and, pulling him towards him in a wrestler's grip, he mastered him and forced him down under him on to an ambarda, in other words, a bed with a silk matress. He got his hand to his dagger and would certainly have killed him if the Viscount of Rocaberti had not caught hold of his foot and twisted him over so that King Peter was underneath and King Henry on top. The latter drew a long Castilian knife which he carried slung from his shoulder and drove it upwards into his brother's body. His men came running in and helped to finish him off. ....

So ended King Pedo of Castile, who once had reigned in great prosperity. Those who had killed him left him lying on the ground for three days, which in my opinion was an inhuman thing to do. And the Spaniards came and mocked at him."

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King of Castile and Leon Alfonso XI
Aug 13, 1311 - Mar 26, 1350
Queen Consort of Castile and Leon Maria of Portugal
Feb 9, 1313 - Jan 18, 1357
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: 1352, Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
Queen Consort of Castile Maria de Padilla
1334 - Aug, 1361
Duchess of York Isabella of Castile
Great x 18 grandmother
c. 1355 - Dec 23, 1392
Queen of Castile Constance of Castile
Great x 18 grandaunt
1354 - Mar 24, 1394
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