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King of Aragon Charles III Capet de Valois
22 generations from the origin. Great x 20 grandfather.
Birth: Mar 12, 1270, Carenne, Isle De France; Maybe Vincennes, France
Death: Dec 16, 1325; Nogent-Le-Roi, Le Perray, France;
Age: 55
Occupation: Crown of Aragon, Count of Valois, Anjou, and Maine

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  • King of Aragon - Dates: 1284-1325
  • Count of Valois - Dates: 1285-1325
  • Count of Anjou - Dates: 1290-1325
  • Count of Maine - Dates: 1290-1325


Charles III of Valois (March 12, 1270–December 16, 1325) was the third son of Philip III of France and Isabella of Aragon. His mother was a daughter of James I of Aragon and Yolande of Hungary. Yolande was the only daughter of Andrew II of Hungary by his second wife Yolande de Courtney. He was a member of the House of Capet, and founded the House of Valois.

Charles was the father of Phillip VI, and paternal uncle to three kings (Louis X, Phillip V, and Charles IV). In 1284, he was given the crown of Aragon by Pope Martin IV, who declared an Aragonese Crusade. In 1285, he gained the title of Count of Valois, and Count of Anjou and Maine in 1290. During his life, he unsuccessfully sought the rule of four other kingdoms: Aragon, Sicily, the Byzantine Empire and the Holy Roman Empire.

There is discrpency here as to whether Charles was ever really the King of Aragon - he did have the Crown of Aragon, but most likely not the kingship. From a separate wiki entry:
The Crown of Aragon is a term used to refer to the permanent union of multiple titles and states in the hands of the King of Aragon. The component realms of the Crown were never united politically except at the level of the king.

It originated in 1137, when Aragon and the County of Barcelona merged by dynastic union in the person of Alfonso II of Aragon, son of Raymond Berengar IV of Barcelona and Petronilla of Aragon. By conquest and royal decree of James I, the Kingdom of Valencia (1237) and then the Kingdom of Majorca (1262) were added to the Crown. Majorca was held independently from 1276 to 1279 by James II of Majorca, but it was a vassal of the Crown after that date and until its reconquest in 1344. By grant of Pope Boniface VIII to James II, the Kingdoms of Sardinia and Corsica were added to the Crown in 1297, though it would not be for more than a century that they were brought under Aragonese control. By marriage of Peter IV to Mary of Sicily, the Kingdom of Sicily, as well as the Duchies of Athens and Neopatria, were added in 1381. The Greek possessions were permanently lost to Nerio I Acciajuoli in 1388 and Sicily was dissociated in the hands of Martin I from 1395 to 1409, but the Kingdom of Naples was added finally in 1442 by conquest of Alfonso V.

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King of France Philip III Capet "the Bold"
Apr 30, 1245 - Oct 5, 1285
Queen Consort of France Isabella of Aragon
1247 - Jan 28, 1271
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: Aug 16, 1290, Place: Corbeil, Marne, France, Status: Marriage, Note:
Marguerite de Anjou
1274 - Dec 31, 1299
Queen Consort of Aragon Mahaut of Chatillon
1293 - 1358
Jeanne de Valois
Great x 19 grandmother
c. 1294 - Mar 7, 1352
Princess of Aragon Isabella of Valois
Great x 20 grandmother
c. 1320 - c. 1350
King of France Philip VI of Valois
Great x 21 grandfather
1293 - Aug 22, 1350
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