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Duke of Buckingham Henry Stafford
17 generations from the origin. Great x 15 grandfather.

Birth: Sep 4, 1454, ;
Death: Nov 2, 1483; ;
Age: 29

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  • 2nd Duke of Buckingham, 1st creation


Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham (4 September 1454 – 2 November 1483) played a major role in Richard III of England's rise and fall. He is also one of the primary suspects in the disappearance (and presumed murder) of the Princes in the Tower. Buckingham was related to the royal family of England so many different ways that he was his own cousin many times over, but his connections were all through daughters of younger sons. His chances of inheriting the throne would have seemed remote, but eventually the internecine conflicts among the descendants of Edward III of England and within the Houses of Lancaster and York brought Buckingham within striking distance of the crown. Some historians claim Buckingham's deliberate plotting to seize the throne started as early as the reign of Edward IV, and if they are correct then his elaborate and lengthy plan very nearly succeeded . . .

In 1465, at the age of 11, Henry was recognized as Duke of Buckingham. The new Duke eventually became a ward of Queen Elizabeth Woodville, consort of Edward IV of England. The next year he was married to her sister Catherine Woodville -- she was 24.

Buckingham never forgave Elizabeth for forcing him into that marriage, and he resented his wife and the other Woodvilles, as well. When Edward IV died in 1483, and the Woodvilles struggled with Edward's brother Richard, Duke of Gloucester, over the guardianship of the young Edward V, Buckingham first sided with Richard. . . .

Buckingham was the son of Humphrey, Earl Stafford and Margaret Beaufort. Four of Buckingham's first and second cousins became King of England, and two of his second cousins became Queen:

Edward IV and his brother Richard III were Buckingham's first cousins once removed. Buckingham's father Humphrey, Earl Stafford, was son of Anne Neville (~1411-1480). Anne's sister Cecily, Duchess of York was the mother of Edward IV and Richard III. Edward's son Edward V was thus Buckingham's second cousin, as was the younger Edward's sister Elizabeth of York, later wife and Queen Consort of Henry VII of England.

Henry Tudor, later King Henry VII was Buckingham's second cousin. Buckingham's mother was Margaret Beaufort (~1427-1474), daughter of Edmund Beaufort, 2nd Duke of Somerset. Margaret's first cousin, also named Margaret Beaufort (1443-1509) was the mother of Henry VII, the latter Margaret being the daughter of the 1st Duke of Somerset.

Anne Neville, in line to become Queen as the wife of Lancastrian Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales, eventually did become Queen as the wife of Richard III of England. Her paternal grandfather Richard Neville, 5th Earl of Salisbury was the brother of Buckingham's paternal grandmother (also named Anne Neville) making Buckingham the Queen's second cousin.

Two of his great-grandparents were brother and sister (John Beaufort and Joan Beaufort). This made Buckingham's parents second cousins.

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This ancestor - and thus all earlier ancestors - is both a "House" ancestor and a "Hacker" ancestor. His son Edward is in the House line and his daughter Elizabeth is in the Hacker line.

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See the Family Tree

Earl Stafford Humphrey Stafford
1425 - May 22, 1455
Countess of Stafford Margaret Beaufort
c. 1427 - 1474
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: 1466, Place: , Status: Marriage, Note: He was only 12 years old when he married.
Duchess of Buckingham Catherine Woodville
1458 - May 18, 1497
Duke of Buckingham Edward Stafford
Great x 14 grandfather
Feb. 3, 1478 - May 17, 1521
Countess of Sussex Elizabeth Stafford
Great x 14 grandmother
c. 1480 - May 1532
Countess Huntingdon Anne Stafford
Great x 14 grandmother
c. 1483 - 1544
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