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Duke Saxony Bernhard
25 generations from the origin. Great x 23 grandfather.
Birth: c. 1140, Gernany;
Death: Feb 2, 1212; Gernamy;
Age: 72

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  • Duke of Saxony - Dates: 1180-1212
  • Count of Anhalt - Dates: 1170-1212


Bernhard (c. 1140 – 2 February 1212), a member of the House of Ascania, was Count of Anhalt and Ballenstedt, and Lord of Bernburg through his paternal inheritance. From 1180 he was also Duke of Saxony (as Bernhard III or Bernhard I).

Bernhard was the youngest of the seven sons of Albert the Bear (d. 1170), Duke of Saxony from 1138 to 1142 and first Margrave of Brandenburg from 1157, by his wife Sophie of Winzenburg. In 1157 he was present together with his father and brothers at the funeral of the Wettin margrave Conrad of Meissen. Two years later, Bernhard accompanied Emperor Frederick Barbarossa to Italy with his brother Margrave Otto I of Brandenburg.

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See the Family Tree

Margrave of Brandenburg Albert the Bear
c. 1100 - Nov 18, 1170
Margravine of Brandenburg Sophie of Winzenburg
1105 - c. Jul 7, 1160
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: , Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
Duchess Saxony Brigitte of Denmark
c. 1140 -
Duke of Saxony Albert I
Great x 22 grandfather
c. 1175 - Oct 7, 1260
Prince of Anhalt Henry I
Great x 23 grandfather
c. 1170 - 1252
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