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King of Deheubarth Rhys ap Tewdwr
28 generations from the origin. Great x 26 grandfather.
Birth: c. 1060, Carmarthenshire, Wales;
Death: 1093; Brecon, Powys, Wales;
Age: 33

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  • King of Deheubarth in Wales


Rhys ap Tewdwr (before 1065 – 1093) was a king of Deheubarth in Wales and member of the Dinefwr dynasty, a branch descended from Rhodri the Great. He was born in the area which is now Carmarthenshire and died at the battle of Brecon in April 1093.

Rhys ap Tewdwr, a member of the House of Dinefwr, claimed the throne of Deheubarth following the death of his second cousin Rhys ab Owain, who was beheaded after the battle of Gwdig (modern day Goodwick) against Caradog ap Gruffydd in 1078.

He was a grandson of Cadell ab Einion ab Owain ab Hywel Dda, and a great-grandson of Einon ab Owain, thus a descendant of Hywel Dda, king of the Britons.[1]

He married Gwladys ferch Rhiwallon daughter of Rhiwallon ap Cynfyn of the Mathrafal dynasty of Powys, by whom he had four sons, Gruffudd, Hywel ap Rhys, Goronwy and Cadwgan, and a daughter Nest who married Gerald de Windsor, Constable of Pembroke, progenitors of the FitzGerald and de Barry dynasties of Ireland. These Hiberno-Norman, or Cambro-Norman, families have been Peers of Ireland since at least the 14th century.

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Tewdwr ap Cadell
c. 1020 -
No information for the mother yet
Princess Nest ferch Rhys aka Nesta
Great x 25 grandmother
c. 1085 - 1136
King of Deheubarth (Wales) Gruffydd ap Rhys
Great x 25 grandfather
c. 1081 - 1137
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