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High Duchess of Greater Poland Eudoxia Iziaslavna of Kiev
28 generations from the origin. Great x 26 grandmother.
Birth: c. 1131, Russia;
Death: c. 1187; Poland;
Age: 56

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  • Duchess consort of Greater Poland - Dates: 1154-1173
  • High Duchess consort of Poland - Dates: 1173-1187
  • Princess of the Rurikid dynasty


Eudoxia Iziaslavna of Kiev (Russian: Евдоксия Изяславна, Polish: Eudoksja Izjasławówna; c. 1131 – c. 1187), was a Kievan Rus' princess member of the Rurikid dynasty and by marriage Duchess of Greater Poland and since 1173 High Duchess of Poland.

According to some historians she was the daughter of Iziaslav II, Grand Prince of Kiev by his first wife Agnes (perhaps renamed Lyubava),[1][2] daughter of King Conrad III of Germany.[3]

In 1154, Eudoxia married Mieszko III the Old, Duke of Greater Poland, who had recently lost his first wife, Princess Elisabeth of Hungary. With this union, Mieszko III probably wanted to cement his relations with the Rurikid rulers.

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Grand Prince of Kiev Iziaslav II Mstislavich
c. 1096 - Nov 13, 1154
Grand Princess of Kiev Agnes of Germany
c. 1110 -
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: 1154, Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
Duchess of Pomerania Anastasia of Greater Poland
Great x 25 grandmother
c. 1164 - aft May 31, 1240
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