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Grand Prince of Kiev Iziaslav II Mstislavich
29 generations from the origin. Great x 27 grandfather.
Birth: c. 1096, ;
Death: Nov 13, 1154; ;
Age: 58

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  • Grand Prince of Kiev - Dates: 1146-1149, 1151-1154
  • Prince of Pereyaslavl - Dates: 1143-1145
  • Prince of Volhynia - Dates: 1134-1142
  • Prince of Rostov - Dates: 1134-?
  • Prince of Turov - Dates: 1132-1134
  • Prince of Pereyaslav - Dates: 1132


Iziaslav II Mstislavich (Ukrainian: Ізяслав Мстиславич, Russian: Изяслав II Мстиславич; c. 1096[1] – 13 November 1154),[1] was the oldest son of Mstislav Vladimirovich, (Prince of Novgorod), and Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden. He was baptized as Panteleimon.[1] Izyaslav is considered to be progenitor of the Monomakhovychi Volhynian branch (senior branch).[2]

Izyaslav held following offices Prince of Pereyaslav (1132), Prince of Turov (1132–1134), Prince of Rostov (1134– ), Prince of Volhynia (1134–1142), Pereyaslavl (1143–1145), Velikiy Kniaz (Grand Prince) of Kiev (1146–1149 and 1151–1154).

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Grand Duke of Kiev Mstislav I Vladimirovich
Jun 1, 1076 - Apr 14, 1132
Queen Consort of Kiev Kristina Ingesdottor
c. 1078 - Jan 18, 1122
Primary or Last Marriage:
Date: , Place: , Status: Marriage, Note:
Grand Princess of Kiev Agnes of Germany
c. 1110 -
High Duchess of Greater Poland Eudoxia Iziaslavna of Kiev
Great x 26 grandmother
c. 1131 - c. 1187
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