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Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg Ernest
Fourth cousin 16 times removed.
Birth: Jun 27, 1497, ;
Death: Jan 11, 1546; ;
Age: 49

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  • Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg


Ernest of Brunswick-Lüneburg (German: Ernst der Bekenner) (27 June 1497 – 11 January 1546), also frequently called Ernest the Confessor, was duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and a champion of the Protestant cause during the early years of the Protestant Reformation. He was the Prince of Lüneburg and ruled the Lüneburg-Celle subdivision of the Welf family's Brunswick-Lüneburg duchy from 1520 until his death.

He was the son of Henry I, Duke of Lüneburg, and Margarete of Saxony, the daughter of Ernest, Elector of Saxony.

Ernest was born in Uelzen of the House of Guelph on 27 June 1497. His father was Henry I of Lüneburg and his mother Margarete of Saxony who was a sister of Frederick the Wise, Elector of Saxony and Champion of Martin Luther.

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Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg Henry the Middle
Sep 15, 1468 - Feb 19, 1532
No information for the mother yet
Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg Henry III
Fifth cousin 15 times removed
1533 - Jan 19, 1598
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