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Count of Dreux and Braine Robert III
26 generations from the origin. Great x 24 grandfather.
Birth: 1185, ;
Death: 1234; ;
Age: 49

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  • Count of Dreux
  • Count of Braine


Robert III of Dreux (1185–1234), Count of Dreux and Braine, was the son of Robert II, Count of Dreux, and Yolanda de Coucy.[1] He was given the byname Gasteblé (lit. wheat-spoiler) when he destroyed a field of wheat while hunting in his youth.

Along with his brother Peter, Duke of Brittany he fought with future Louis VIII of France in 1212 at Nantes and was captured there during a sortie.[2] Exchanged after the Battle of Bouvines for William Longsword, Earl of Salisbury, he fought in the Albigensian Crusade, besieging Avignon in 1226. He was a supporter of Blanche of Castile during her regency after the death of Louis VIII in 1226.

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Count of Dreux Robert II Capet
c. 1154 - Dec 28, 1218
Yolande de Coucy
c. 1164 - Mar 18, 1222
Duchess of Burgundy Yolande of Dreux
Great x 23 grandmother
1212 - 1248
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