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Earl of Fife Gille Michéil
28 generations from the origin. Great x 26 grandfather.
Birth: c. 1100, Fife, Scotland;
Death: c. 1136; ;
Age: 36

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  • Earl of Fife


Mormaer Gille Míchéil (d. bef. July 1136) is the second man known for certain to have been Mormaer of Fife from 1130 to 1133, although it is unlikely he actually was the second. He had at least one son, called Aed (=Hugh). Aed would have succeeded Donnchad I under a Celtic system, but as feudal rules of primogeniture came into force during the reign of Donnchad I, it was Donnchad's son, and not Gille Míchéil's, who became the next mormaer. Aed, though, probably succeeded to the leadership of Clann Duib, at least during Donnchad I's minority, and certainly became Abbot of Abernethy, an office which his own son, Orm, later inherited.

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Countess of Buchan Ete
Great x 25 grandmother
c. 1115 -
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