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Baron Wem William Pantulf
29 generations from the origin. Great x 27 grandfather.
Birth: c. 1060, Heímois, Normandy;
Death: Apr 16, 1112; Shropshire, England;
Age: 52

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  • First Baron of Wem


William Pantulf (died 16 April probably in 1112) was an Anglo-Norman nobleman and Baron of Wem. He was born in HiƩmois, a county of Normandy, where his family had lived since around 1030. Pantulf held lands in Shropshire following the Norman Conquest of England. A vassal of Roger of Montgomery, the Earl of Shrewsbury, Pantulf was accused of murdering Roger's wife but proved his innocence of the charge by a trial by ordeal. When Roger's son Robert of Belleme rebelled against King Henry I of England, Pantulf did not take part and sided with the king. Upon his death, which most likely occurred in 1112, William's eldest son Philip inherited his Norman lands, and his second son Robert received the English lands.

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Baron Wem Robert Pantulf
Great x 26 grandfather
c. 1090 - c. 1138
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